Introducing: ToastyTown

Tasty Toastys
3 min readApr 11, 2022

In true start-up spirit, something we never planned for, is happening.

The Tasty Toastys community is getting our very own microverse.

Mother Dough is all alone now, but soon you’ll be in here with her.

ToastyTown is developed in partnership with the JoMiJa team, who reached out to us on a serendipitous day, and was looking for a rock solid NFT project team in Singapore to work with. The story goes, JoMiJa was in talks with a few different projects before us, but they all fell apart. It’s a good thing they found the Tasty Toastys then, because you know we’re serious about building!

We’ll be the FIRST community on their platform — how awesome is that?

What to expect from ToastyTown:

  • Metamask integration, so you can choose your Tasty Toasty NFT as your avatar upon sign in
  • ENS integration OR rename yourself as you wish
  • A community hangout & chat space
  • Mini games where you can play and compete with other members of the Toastyfam!
  • Potential to own & decorate your personal homes in ToastyTown!


In fact, we will be building the features together with YOUR feedback. As a Tasty Toasty holder, what would YOU like to see?

We believe that by putting our community first, and at the front & centre of our decision-making for ToastyTown, this is going to be what sets us apart from other projects in the space.

We’re not going to sell expensive metaverse land, or make ‘play-to-earn’ mechanics, just so that you can have fun.

We’re also not going to assume that we know what you want, and make you wait for months on end for a product that may disappoint you. Hence, we are opening up ToastyTown in its early stages, so that you, our holders, can directly test it, and shape how it turns out!

If you want to contribute, all you need is a Tasty Toasty NFT to log in. Our most active community members will be the first to get to experience this, but soon, we’ll open it up to all!

If you don’t want to give feedback, but just want to play, that’s totally Toasty too.

Here’s where you can grab one of our NFTs on secondary to join in the fun:

We hope to see you with us soon!

Our ToastyTown microverse is made possible through our official partnership with JoMiJa.

About Jomija

An Antler-backed startup, JoMiJa is a platform founded by passionate game and web3 creators, to help creators with community management, engagement, discoverability and growth, through the development of unique, customised microverses.

Microverses are miniature digital villages that contain fun and visual information about the community, and engagement tools such as games, which also allow project owners to generate creative content. Community members can run around these microverses in their personal NFT avatars, and be able to own spaces and assets on the land, to foster a stronger sense of belonging.

The JoMiJa vision is to connect these community-driven microverses, and form an ecosystem where creators and members can connect, contribute and discover one another through an interoperable and fun metaverse.

Official link:

Don’t miss out on having a Toasty Time with us!

Follow us here on Medium for long-form in-depth updates, or join our community on Discord — all are welcome, whether you’re a holder or not!

We’ll see you on the breadchain. 🍞



Tasty Toastys

A limited edition, generative collection of 7,600 Tasty Non-Fungible Toastys.