Why Toast(y)?

Tasty Toastys
4 min readApr 8, 2022


Welcome to the official Tasty Toastys Medium publication.

You might have seen us around Twitter, Discord, Opensea, or even mainstream news outlets like ChannelNewsAsia, and wondered:

WTFud? Why Toast? Why is Toasty misspelled?

Let us satiate your curiosity straight off the bread.

While the Tasty Toastys NFT project was founded by Chanel ( @chanelcoco ) in August 2021, since 2016, every time she toyed with the idea of starting her own side-hustle, it always centred around how she could possibly share the feelings of her own personal happy place, with the world.

It’s the feeling of being warm, comfortable and cozy, all swaddled up under some thick blankets, in a cool, crisp room. Note: The contrast of temperatures is important — it’s what gives that specifically Toasty feeling.

It was something she always knew innately, BUT the dots never really connected in her head, until she chanced upon the following scene from The Simpsons:

Ironically, if you want to actually feel this way, DO NOT start a NFT project 🥸

Armed with a new lifelong obsession with the word Toasty, she then played around with different ideas on how she could just share and curate, Toasty things, to make a business out of.

The first iteration? A dropshipping e-commerce store (kinda trendy back then). Not the best idea, but it was easy to mess around with and learn something by doing.

The shop is now decommissioned, the domain snapped up by someone else, but here’s some remaining proof — the Facebook page that was set up for it, all the way back in 2016 (see bottom left).

Don’t look for this now, you won’t find it, it’s unpublished.

In her fickle youth, Chanel ended up abandoning this after a while, and then continued on her day job — especially when she scored an opportunity to work on building out a new performance apparel & footwear line using licensing rights from a billion-dollar fitness brand, under the tutelage of a very seasoned industry veteran (a story for another time).

Over the years, Toasty then existed as a mere fantasy of alternate business ideas — e.g. a self-care subscription box (another trend for a while, if you remember), a podcast for introverts, a curated Instagram shopping feed with affiliate links, etc., but none of these ideas ever made sufficient business sense, or, sustained her interest long enough, to be manifested into reality.

Until she came across NFTs.

When Chanel first learned about the rising mania over NFTs in July 2021, it captivated and amused her, and within weeks she was buying a couple of NFTs with a budget of 1+ ETH (out of the couple she had lying around from 2017) just for the heck of it.

Then, since the idea of Toasty had been loitering in the recesses of her brain for the last 5 years, together with her brother (who also knew about her obsession), they decided that they would try and see if it was possible to finally bring Toasty forth into existence via NFTs, by starting with a cute meme collection of collectibles for girls. Or, anyone really, but it was their thesis that mainly girls would be attracted to fat, round-ish, squishy-looking carbs.

If an egg character can capture the imaginations of millions, they thought, all the more so, bread. Universally eaten across all cultures, doubles in meaning as money (#LetsGetThisBread), high potential for that kawaii factor… anthropomorphising Toasty into a literal bread character was worth a shot.

Thank goodness for Photoshop.

& thus, Tasty Toastys was born.

If you enjoyed our brand origin story…

…stay tuned for more articles about the Tasty Toastys NFT project’s past milestones, present activities and future plans.

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We’ll see you on the breadchain. 🍞 https://linktr.ee/tastytoastys



Tasty Toastys

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